You know that feeling when you're in a game and you just cant draw the right cards? Ever been running low on mana but you know there probably isn't any more in your deck? We've all had those experiences, and we all know they suck. This deck capitalizes on the pain and suffering that is caused when we run out of cards and works to make things even worse for your opponents.

Most of the deck is fairly simple to understand. Play cheap cards first, my favorite first play is a Hedron Crab followed by either a Tome Scour or Thought Scour and from there on just work your way up to the big stuff.

I'll break down each card and its role in the deck.

The lands are pretty simple, just a basic UB set up.

Hedron Crab is a major staple in this deck. If it isn't available turn one it should at least be by turn 2 or 3, and it just provides a steady mill right from the start. Also acts as a blocker if you're really in trouble.

Jace's Phantasm is our primary blocker, as pretty quickly you'll have a 5/5 flying for only 1 mana. Also is good for tapping with phenax.

Tome Scour is just a straight mill card. Nothing special, but it is good for early game or if you have extra mana at the end of a turn.

Thought Scour is helpful for card draw if you don't have any of the cards you need to get started early on. Also pretty simple.

Mind Sculpt is just a more powerful Tome Scour and it serves the same purpose. Quick and easy mill for when you've got extra mana to spend.

Crypt Incursion is great for late game when you are low on health. For a low low cost you can gain massive amounts of health, as well as doing good work to counter Eldrazi Titans.

Memory Erosion is similar to Chronic Flooding in that it is mill based on your opponent's actions. Usually players will be casting at least one spell a turn, but hopefully a whole lot more than that. This card forces them to very carefully consider the value of their cards and will either turn them away from playing things or get you very consistent mill.

Mind Funeral is the most powerful basic mill card in the deck, and can win games very fast. The best part about it is that it acts as a land denial card as well, because it effectively removes 4 of them from your opponent's arsenal.

Tree of Perdition is a good blocker, as well as a fantastic target for Phenax. Sometimes the life drop is nice as well if you're going for a damage win using your bigger creatures.

Undead Alchemist is a blast when you have lots of zombies at once. Nuff said.

Now we get into the big stuff, which is where it gets fun...

Phenax, God of Deception is an incredibly powerful mill card, and by turn 5 you should have enough creatures to make good use of him. Each turn you get to tap your creatures for mill and usually the game doesn't last very long after you play him.

Consuming Aberration is also very powerful, as by the time you play him he will be a very big creature. You can also use small spells like Tome Scour to activate his mill ability, which also ends games pretty fast. This card is most effective in tandem with Phenax, as you can tap him for incredibly high (almost always game ending) mill every turn.

Necromantic Summons is good for getting either Consuming Aberration or Phenax back in case of counters or removal. Usually I don't need the card but it can be helpful in a pinch.

Jace, Memory Adept gets free mill 10 every turn, or you can effectively activate a Thought Scour every turn. His final ability is very effective, and can also be used to finish the game.

This deck was based on the first deck I ever made, and I've always wanted to improve it using I'm trying to keep it budget, so sadly the more expensive mill cards will not be included. Glimpse the Unthinkable would be great instead of Mind Sculpt but sadly I can't do four $20+ cards.

There have already been a bunch of comments and suggestions, some of which I've used in the deck. Thanks a lot for those, and if anyone has any more suggestions just let me know in the comments. As always if you like the deck please leave an upvote, and thanks for taking a look!


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