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Phelddagrif, Varys Group Hug [RETIRED]

Commander / EDH Group Hug GWU (Bant)


For this Phelddagrif deck, I wanted to go with a more political spin with a focus on lots of interaction with players, the board, and opposing player’s decks. I wanted this deck to be able to build alliances and break them as the game progresses through ways to reward allies, punish enemies, and allow for epic betrayals. The goal was to create the group hug deck that Varys the Spider from Game of Thrones would play.

Instants, surprises, tough choices, and shenanigans are what I was looking to get out of the deck. I wanted it to allow for player interactions, surprises, negotiations, bidding wars for resources, etc.

It uses a enchantment aura theme as one of my main political tools. The carrot being me giving one player an enchantment instead of another player in exchange for X in game action. The stick being my own evasive or difficult to handle creatures that I can put said aura’s on and turn into threats or ways to steal an enemy creature (one I’ve already enchanted is even better) at the right time for my own needs.

The deck uses a few enchantments, artifacts, and creature abilities to deter opponents from attacking you. The goal is not to pillow fort, but to rather make you a more unappealing target than your other opponents. You can help persuade them to swinging in another direction by using the board state you’ve set up along with a bit of talking and interaction. Other tools to help in your political persuasion include Hunted tokens, offerings, hippos, card drawing, life gain, and the all mighty bluff.

This deck wants to win by being the last man standing and not necessarily doing to the work to get there. Let your opponents duke it out and help them smack each other along the way. Then use your Mind Control spells to swipe a critical creature at the right time or suit up and beat down with your bigger, hard to handle creatures.

Help with this deck build was provided by Mark from Commandercast. Additional inspiration was drawn from Dawncaller's "Phelddagrif, Purple Arms Dealer" and Thuh Dude's "Murdergrif" Youtube video. This deck was featured on Commandercast's Deckbuilder's Spotlight.


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