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Phelddagrif Intervention: Friends Win Together

Commander / EDH GWU (Bant)


Phelddagrif is one of those commanders everyone is going to run into at some point if they play commander. It's a card beloved by memers, and has a strategy that evolved into part of it's identity. The strategy generally involves playing cards that make everyone at the table massively benefit, ensuring that everyone's decks are able to go off. Usually the payoff to this is playing some control and combing off, or playing with no payoff or wincons. While my deck may not be entirely unique in this strategy, I believe my payoff is actually different enough to make it stand out.

So, this deck isn't purely a no wincon deck. No Phelddagrif deck is really, since you always have a 4/4 beater to use, but if you really wanted to, you could use the infinite mana engine in the deck, rings and monolith, to go ahead and blue sun's zenith everyone out of the game one by one. This, however, is hardly effective, and you'll probably loose before then without some extraordinary luck and setup. The actual goal is to tie the game, using Divine Intervention or an infinite prosperity/minds aglow.

The prosperity rout is pretty easy, all you need to do is assemble rings & monolith, pump mana into it, then hit everyone for as much as you want. You can also use either spell earlier in the game for value, you don't need to end the game with them. Rings can also be activated to allow extra tutors with planar portal, or ring of three wishes. You'll want to watch out for any draw replacement effects, since opponents can gain victories with this, as well as effects like lab man. You can also use the mana to capsize a whole bunch if you don't have the pieces, which can set people back far enough for you to get what you need in some cases. You're absolutely recommended to kill problem players with blue sun's zenith as well. If they can't play nice, they can go sit in the corner while you make sure everyone is winning together.

The divine intervention rout is a little trickier, since if anything happens to divine intervention, it's hard basically over. To this end, I've found that the safest way to make this combo work is to assemble a lock. If the board is manageable, Narset + windfall will generally set people back far enough to the point where you can safely cast the intervention without too much worry, however, if you want the safest possible option, there's actually an even more devious lock in this deck, and it's the one I use most often. Start with Hive Mind, then cast enduring ideal. Enduring ideal will be copied, along with it's Epic ability, meaning each player will no longer be able to cast spells for the rest of the game. With this, I usually get sterling grove, then go for intervention the next turn, however, if there are people challenging this with board presence, or with o-ring effects, the deck also has pillow fort and our own o-ring cards to fight back.

That's the gist of my hippo deck. I hope you enjoy!

Cards I'm considering:

Teferi (3 mana, and creature) Privileged Position


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