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Pharaoh of Atlantis -- (Budget Brago ETB Abuse)

Commander / EDH Artifact Budget Casual Control Pillow Fort WU (Azorius)



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Version 1.5 - - - 7/5/17 - - - RETIRED

Blink shit for fun and profit. Started off as a budget deck and was slowly upgraded. A lot of the expensive cards have shot up greatly in value so the current price is a lot higher than what I paid.

Deck has been retired. As a budget deck it performed well enough--especially as I was just getting into EDH. Kind of oppressive once the Brago-pin starts and most wins came from concession. A lot of times, though, Brago would just spin his wheels and nothing would happen and if Brago was shut down too many times in a row the deck was quite useless. A significantly higher budget with more combo elements and more control would make the deck extremely competitive, as Brago's tier ranking demonstrates, but that takes more money and effort than I felt it would be worth. Not as fun as it was at first and it was full of powerful cards that had grown greatly in value so I scrapped it for parts. Perhaps Brago will find a home in my Ally deck?

Cards with an SL are cards I own. Cards with an MP are on the chopping block.



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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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