Spirited Away is a control/spirit arcane tribal deck that uses Celestial Kirin with spirit arcane spells to disrupt opponents boardstate.

Indestructible effects and permanents like Gideon provide some immunity to our own removal effects. Multiple Armageddon effects help lock the board when at an advantage, along with some ways to protect our lands. Content goes here

-Ramp and Tutor for Darksteel Plate, a Gideon or Ugin's Conjurant while opponents setup their board.

-Keep permanents that share their CMC with your opponents' cards in your hand and play Celestial Kirin when there's value for your removal.

-Make Kirin indestructible if needed and start playing spirit and arcane cards, Ugin's Conjurant can wipe for any CMC and Shining Shoal for +2 the cost paid. With Conjurant this includes , wiping lands for free. Faith's Reward, Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Planar Rebirth can provide some immunity. Janky interaction with Plow Through Reito / Kiyomaro, First to Stand gives some value if we cant protect our lands.

-With the board cleared by removal and boardwipes, Gideon aggro and Commander damage becomes the ultimate wincon along with Hokori, Dust Drinker and multiple land wipe options to lock the board. Land Tax effects with Path to Exile and Planar Rebirth rramps and recovers lands.


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