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Delver of Secrets   and Docent of Perfection  

Lots of really cheap control (both in converted mana cost and in price) it is fun to play and keeps your opponents on their toes.

As of now, Delver of Secrets   is bouncing around on its market price. With luck you can get them for around $1.70-$2.00 apiece or if you are unlucky foils are around $6-$10 or they just won’t be on the market.

I feel that Opt isn't as good as Serum Visions because I can cast Opt at instant speed (and its about $2 cheaper). If you look at the pie chart to the left (if you are on a PC), or way down (if you are on a phone or tablet) you will see that the deck is entirely creatures, instants, and lands. By keeping Opt, I can take most of my turn on the opponent's end step. The only downfall is that Opt doesn't help with flipping the Delver of Secrets   as easily as Serum Visions

Aberrant Researcher   isn't great, but it completes the "lore" of the deck if you are looking for that aspect

Anticipate is of the several draw filter cards that one could use. Others include Sleight of Hand and Telling Time. Most of these are based on personal preference, however I personally prefer Anticipate

Cyclonic Rift, the Commander All-Star, also would be a good addition (especially on the sideboard) if you intend to fight a lot of decks focused around enchantments or artifacts. It helps quite a bit with fighting decks like Lantern Control, and it gives you another chance to counter the threats your opponent may have got past you when you tapped out. If you can afford spending $25-$30 more it is a great way to board wipe right before swinging with your army of insane entomologists.

Dissolve, Nullify, and Negate are the counterspells of the deck. If you are playing against a deck with a weaker mana ramp you can sideboard in a handful of Spell Pierce or Mana Leak to add for a little extra control.

Docent of Perfection   is the big daddy win con of the deck. If you can get him on the field it is only a matter of moments before you are swinging for lethal amounts of damage, both from him and the Insectile Aberrations he spits out when he flips.


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