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I love the Marsh Crocodile deck for how powerful and synergistic it all is.

But I kinda dislike playing it - it's pretty oppressive, and making your opponents discard cards all the time is no fun for them.

So I wanted to build a deck that gave people cards instead. While chipping down everyone's life totals.

We can use assist cards to figure out who our friends are, then reward those folks with cards from Vampire Charmseeker or Soldevi Sentry.

Cards that make everyone mill are fun ways to give folks some good stuff with the Charmseeker or Exhume.

There's some control so that nothing gets too out-of-hand, but it's apology-control (e.g., Arcane Denial and Dream Fracture).

That's pretty much it - the effects are mostly either symmetric or favoring one person. It's group something.


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