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Paying The Rishadan Port's Toll

Legacy Competitive Death and Taxes Mono-White Weenie


After WotC decided to reprint Rishadan Port in Masters 25, I decided the time was ripe to build a Legacy deck. My eye was on Death & Taxes, which happens to also be my first modern deck:

Eldrazi & Taxes

Modern Spinifex


This deck is mostly based on malimujo's 7-0 finish in a MTGO Legacy Challenge.


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I guess I got a bad case of beginner's luck! There were 4 teams, so we played against every team once, then the 2nd and 3rd played a semi-final game to decide which team would face the 1st team.

Finished first, and the team we beat ion the first match won the semi-finals.

  • 2-1 against Turbo-Depths. Game 1, I mulled to 5 and lost badly. Game 2, I keep a reasonable 6, though I don't remember the details exactly. We made several bad plays, but I won with Brightling hitting for 4-5 a turn. He had to spend 2 spells to remove it. While we were shuffling, my team won, so we played the last for fun. I remember I was over 30 life and had a Germ with Batterskull and Sword of Fire and Ice equipped at some point.


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