Pauper EDH boiiiiii

Alrighty, we're dealing with a Selesnya pauper deck - you know what that means: white-green common cards only, except of course for the commander which must be uncommon. Something to note: I spent 2 hours building this deck out of cards i own, so it is not well thought out and planned. I've kind of gone for lots of creatures, both cheap and expensive. Cheap so that i can get them out and convoke them to help summon my commander - Worldsoul Colossus - which costs 1 white and 1 green and X where X is however much mana i pay into it + however many creatures i tap for it (as used to convoke). It then enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters. Of course my plan is to beef my boy up, to do this, I've also got cards which give +s and other effects such as trample or flying. Then I've proceeded to fill the deck with answers to stuff, ramp, card draw and big boys since i am playing green.

Notes: Have played matches with this deck, won each time.

Note to self, if I can remove anything, remove: a land or two, Urban Utopia, Skyscanner, Jousting Lance,


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