This deck uses Joven's Ferrets and Seton's Desire to lure all of your opponent’s creatures into blocking it. This allows other creatures such as Nimble Mongoose or Gladecover Scout to get damage through. To turn on threshold for these cards, we have 4 Faithless Looting , 3 Insolent Neonate , and 4 Commune with the Gods which can also find us things we need. With so much discard, we can also capitalize on madness cards like Basking Rootwalla , Fiery Temper , and especially Sensless Rage when we need to. This added flexibility benefits the deck quite a bit. It’s possible to turn 1 Faithless Looting dumping 2 Basking Rootwalla s and madness casting them right there. The main focus of this deck is to buff Joven's Ferrets and using that to lock our opponents out of the game while we chop them down with other creatures. We can us Spider Umbra and Regeneration to protect our Joven's Ferrets and maintain the lock.


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