This deck's big card is Satyr Hoplite . This deck plays 3 of these and plans on casting one of them turn 1. Then you are wanting to dump as much damage as you can turn 2. Two combat tricks, like Titan's Strength and Rush of Adrenaline , targeting Lagonna-Band Trailblazer or Saytr Hoplite will allow you to swing in for 8 turn two.

It's other plan is just beating face with card's like Akroan Skyguard after beefing it up with Temur Battle Rage and Madcap Skill.

The general converted mana cost of this deck is on the lower curve, so you're going to be playing multiple spells a turn once you hit turn 4 or higher if you don't get your opponent down to a low life total in the first couple turns.

This is my first Pauper deck, and didn't want to copy paste someone else's deck. So there may be some cards here that aren't the greatest for the deck that I don't realize. Any sort of recommendation or feedback is greatly appreciated.


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