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Pako, the Goodest Commander

Commander / EDH RUG (Temur)


Interesting Introduction

What a good boy. He wins games for us.


  1. Ramp to play Pako and stolen cards

  2. Summon Pako and play fetch with him because he is a good boy

  3. Protect Pako because he is a good boy

  4. Play cards that allow us to play more stolen cards (flash, untap, Pako clones, etc.). As a note, we like instants more than sorceries so we can play our opponents cards during our turn and play instants during other turns.

  5. Play the cards Pako brings back (he brings these back instead of the stick, but he is still a good boy).

  6. Pet Pako, because he is a good boy (can be substituted out for petting your own pets, at home).


When playing this deck, I've almost always won with commander damage. Pako is an extremely efficient voltron commander, even though we really just want to play our opponents' cards.


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