I've been playing that Legacy deck for 5 years solid, regularly adding or removing stuff. I like the actual list, with "4 of" everything, and it performs well in local tournament (usually going 3-3 or 4-2). BUT it does needs an extra-"umph" to get to the Tier 1 level. I know that this is an hybrid of Infect and Painter and that playing one or the other would probably be more efficient, but this particular "hybrid"/homebrew actually works, it's only missing a little bit of tuning. Ideas ?


1) Play infect creatures

2) Boost an unblocked one to 10 poison counters with Blazing Shoal and discarding a CMC=9 or 10 red card

3)Look for combo pieces with Gamble/Overmaster Probe.

4) Counter/Destroy everything bothersome with Painter and Pyroblast.

5) Alternate win condition: Painter/Grindstone


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