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Paige's Emeria Midrange

Modern Mono-White


This deck started as Saffron Olive's Mono-White Emeria control, but with some changes I've made over the years of playing it. (I'd've linked to the deck but apparently outside links are broken on TappedOut??? it's the first link when you google SaffronOlive Mono-White Emeria control)

You read that right, years. I have been playing this deck since 2015 (I'd've made more improvements to it, but most of my focus is on EDH).

Here's the gist:

Deck has a lot of good ETBs from the likes of Blade Splicer , Charming Prince , and Sun Titan . Build value over time with strong ETBs, recur those w/ blink effects (via Flickerwisp and Charming Prince ), and grave recursion (via Sun Titan and Emeria, The Sky Ruin ).

Sun Titan can only bring back things with EMC 3 or less, but good news, he's the only thing with EMC higher than 3, and Emeria, The Sky Ruin can bring him back!

Either win by generating tons of value your opponent can't keep up with, destroying their lands with Ghost Quarter and recurring it until they have nothing left, or by just having Altar of Dementia + Fiend Hunter + Sun Titan for infinite damage.

Notes and Tips

Mistveil Plains is a plains, Emeria, The Sky Ruin doesn't require basic plains for it's effect, so Mistveil adds to the count.

Don't worry about casting a Wrath of God once you're more set up, boardwipes don't really hurt you. For instance, Wrath of God then on your upkeep bring back Sun Titan via Emeria, The Sky Ruin , Sun Titan brings back either Flickerwisp or Charming Prince , who blinks Sun Titan , when Sun Titan comes back at the end of your turn you can grab another Flickerwisp or Charming Prince who can blink Sun Titan again, and so on and so forth...

You can target yourself with Altar of Dementia , you benefit from having options in the graveyard, so it isn't a bad choice.

If you desperately need that last plains, Path to Exile one of your own things that isn't as important, maybe a Golem Token from Blade Splicer

A few notes on Fiend Hunter specifically:


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