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P-Yiddy, Fuckery Wielder

Commander / EDH Cascade UBRG


If you're not turned on by this cosmic-mana-energy-flailing-psychO-gre then I think its time to spice up your sexy life. Or magic life, that can be spiced up too.

Much like my exes, this deck likes to put everything out as quickly as possible.

Now ideally we're going to get Yidris off, but, like my past relationships, we can survive without getting off. Hitting with Yiddy (and hopefully copying his triggered ability with Strionic Resonator if you're having an abnormally good day) creates an abundance of casting triggers, which are scientifically proven to be fun for you, your 3-eyed alien dog, and the rest of the family!

(Side effects of ridiculous amounts of casting, drawing, pinging, wiping, bouncing, deck-cycling, shuffling, and discarding may have adverse effects on your relationships with friends, coworkers, family members, extended family members, your neighbor Fred down the street, and the aforementioned 3-eyed alien dog.)


Now lets get straight to the point. Casting. Like dinner with a wealthy but neurotic aunt, you don't want to do it, but then you realize the benefits of selling your soul and think "Yeah ok I guess this is fine."

First we've got ol' Yiddy . He shows up, grabs a drink, then throws it in your face and proceeds to shout incoherent fury at you for what seems like a millennia.

So Yidris hits. What next? Well you cast some things, get some things free, or maybe a lot of things free, I'm not picky. Soon you're like a whole turn ahead of everyone else and hitting people in the deck where it hurts (wait... oh, yeah, that's right) because of Consuming Aberration , gaining life from the worrisome Aetherflux Reservoir , or building a fun little storm count for Mind's Desire and Magus of the Mind

And for absolute icing on this cake which already only consists purely of icing and maybe like, one sprinkle, we add in Omniscience BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT CAST ALL OF YOUR THINGS FOR FREE AND THEN CASCADE INTO MORE THINGS FOR FREE. It's also conveniently a 10-drop that can hit literally anything in your deck with a cascade or a Sunbird's Invocation trigger.


And the honorable mention for the casting category goes to Possibility Storm which not only particularly screws over any proper planning from opponents such as Mono-Blue players or the FBI, but it also gives you an additional cast trigger to throw on the stack!

Now for the bread and butter on this suspiciously delicious piece of toast:


For best results, pair something like Arjun, the Shifting Flame or Mindmoil along with Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind or Psychosis Crawler to endlessly have fun sticking your friends and everything they love with little needles. While we're at it why not throw in a Horizon Chimera so that we also benefit from these occurrences in more socially acceptable methods.

You might notice that there are plenty of Windfall and Wheel of Fate effects throughout the deck, and while you might think "this nerds just souped-up a lousy Yidris precon," you may very well be true, but realize that I did it well. These effects are 103% Arjun, the Shifting Flame Approved. Especially when Nekusar, the Mindrazer and Fate Unraveler have graced the board.

Finally we ponder "There's an awful lot of discarding and drawing in here, this doesn't seem sustainable!". Well Wilfred, much like the American economy, its not. And much like the American Government, we go back in time and plunder the resources of our forefathers to restabilize our messed up society. But that's a rant for another day.

Use Grandmother Sengir's home-brewed and bottled Elixir of Immortality to get back all that crap you threw away and cycle through a seemingly endless supply of instants, sorceries, and sacrificial permanents.

Oh no! Did you elixir get discarded? Well have no fear, Creeping Renaissance is maybe here?



Currently considering adding Bonus Round to the deck, which could just as well go into some psycho-crazy loop of casting, copying, reshuffling, untapping, and making my opponent's absolutely miserable, and that's really what the American Dream is about, isn't it ladies and gents ...and non-binary individuals and alien lifeforms and sentient robotic beings.


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