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Somewhere between casual and competitive Magic, Mono Green Stompy is waiting for its day in the sun. But is it ever going to see it? Cards like Overrun have always been among my favourites, and after reading the Building on a Budget article here way back in 2010, I was in love. I built the deck, played it, tweaked it, loved it, and forgot about it. But like the archetype, the deckbox containing Overwhelming Stompy was waiting patiently and hopefully. Is it possible to make Mono Green Stompy viable? Maybe with your help! The decklist is that what is lying in the deckbox, solely cards I own at the moment. But owning a huge amount of cards and willing to purchase the cards which makes this a deck to reckon with, almost everything is possible. I am not dreaming of winning a ProTour with this, but enjoying playing it, and always wanting to play something that surprises and that's a little different and unexpected. As you see, it is missing a sideboard at the moment, so please make suggestions about sideboard as well. Some odd cards, some one-offs, I know. Thriumph of the Hordes, what the...!!?? I hear you thinking. But the single most impressive card in this deck, besides Shamanic Revelation and Eldrazi Monument is the four-mana sorcery giving everything a trampling, infectious boost. It works so well, that Overwhelming Stampede no longer is a part of the decklist. Wolfbriar Elemental does a great job after a boardwipe, as do the Planeswalkers. Most of them have some kind of boosteffect, working great with the Plant and Eldrazi Spawn tokens. Thank you for your help to make Mono Green Stompy great (again)!


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When my son told me he would love to try Modern, I thought it was a good idea to give my beloved, and pretty easy to play, deck to him. So before I gave it to him, I made a little randomy sideboard, and he totally loved it. Then we decided to join GP Stockholm in September, I would play the main event, and my son would join me for fun and experience, and play some side events. When some cards to my other decks I considered to play not arrived by mail in time for the GP, and my son REALLY would love to see dad play "his" deck at the GP, I finally chose to give it a shot and have fun. And boy, was it fun! Not that it did really well(2-6), but all the comments, from my opponents and the table-neighbours, the tripple-reading of cards they'd never seen in Modern, and the few, but amazing wins I had with the deck, made it a great experience.


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