This deck has a pretty storied history for me! My very first commander deck was a mono-green Rishkar, Peema Renegade ramp-themed EDH deck. It wasn't quite for me, so I bought Selenia, Dark Angel | The Commander's Quarters and gave it a go. I loved the combo aspect, but it wasn't effective in my local playgroup. From there, it transitioned to Vona, Butcher of Magan control, and then Elenda, the Dusk Rose vampire-tribal. THEN, finally, when Ravnica Allegiance spoiled Teysa Karlov I knew immediately that I wanted to build her. So Elenda was broken in two, with my Orzhov token and sacrifice tech finding a home with Teysa, and the vampire tribal cards moving in with Edgar Markov.

After many many updates, upgrades, and reworks, I've reached this currently finished state. There're cards I'd love to put in, but either haven't wanted to pay for yet or haven't figured out the right place.

I'd like to cut back on some of the recursion, increase a bit of the draw package, and also include some stack interaction to protect my plays and to stop other people from winning the game.

Some of these, I have direct replacements I'd like to make, some will take some planning.

The plan with this deck is nothing innovative or special. The goal is to stay alive by generating tokens for defensive and eventually draining people to death using Blood Artist-style effects. Beating face is also an option, as many of the token-generating effects create flyers, and Divine Visitation makes them large enough to terrify.

Most games, swinging for lethal or sacrificing enough tokens with Blood Artists around will close things out, but in case it doesn't, there're a suite of infinite combos. My philosophy with infinite combos in non-cEDH games is that every piece of the combo should be useful outside the combo.

Some require Teysa:

Most are just better with Teysa:

  • Reveillark + Karmic Guide
    • This one needs no real explanation since it's pretty well known, but aw man is it amazing for this deck. So many of our pieces can be returned by Reveillark with each cycle of this infinite combo. This allows us to sack Afterlife creatures as Reveillark reanimate them and Karmic Guide to produce infinite creatures. Infinite sacking of creatures also feeds any death-related triggers.
  • Divine Visitation + Requiem Angel + Sac Outlet

    • When a non-spirit creature died, Requiem makes a spirit, which turns into an angel by Divine Visitation. This angel can then be sacked again, generating infinite sacrifices.
  • Ashnod's Altar + Nim Deathmantle + Any Afterlife-type Card

    • When a creature that creates a token on death is sacrificed to Ashnod's Altar with Nim Deathmantle on the field, is generated. The death trigger is allowed to resolve first, creating a token that can then be sacrificed to Ashnod's for another . This allows us to pay for Nim when the ability resolves, bringing the creature back and allowing us to begin again. If Teysa is out, or the creature creates multiple tokens on death, we can also generate infinite creatures.
  • Revel in Riches

    • Instant-win effects that are doubled by Teysa and also potentially generate us extra mana to use if it's destroyed. Seems good.

One final note: I include and count Heirloom Blade as a tutor because the spread of the deck's creature types is sparse enough that it can help pull into exactly the piece I need, so long as I equip it onto the right creature


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