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Oswald Phyrexian Processor

Commander / EDH* Mono-White


The goal of the deck is to get out the Phyrexian Processor as early as possible through Oswalds ability, paying a lot of life to make big Minions and gaining the life back through lifelink equipments. Also doing some other nice artifact things to get the processor back if destroyed. Just in case there are also two grinding station combos with myr retriever and teshar, ancestor's apostel plus tormod's crypt or welding jar or dross scorpion and myr turbine to finish out the game through milling all your opponents decks.

The best and also very reliable sequence to get out the phyrexian processor around turn 4, paying 20+ life and making a huge minion, is to get oswald on turn 2, sacrifice a 2 cmc artifact on turn 3, searching for the threedrop "cathodion", sacing it on turn 4, making 3 Mana when it dies and using this mana to tap the phyrexian processor directly after it came into play.


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