Orzhov's Purulent Plague

Modern B/W Smallpox by DiscardDecard

Ahem, Let us first set the mood



Dark Confidant is up to his scheming ways again. This time, with the help of his lab lackey Kitchen Finks , he has concocted a plague to tear apart the citizens of the magic universe. Smallpox is ravaging the countryside, desolating villages and their people. The plague has recently made its way into major cities. All the while he has been biding his time until he can release his masterpiece, Death Cloud . At the end of all the chaos he will be the one to sit on the gilded throne.

The Plague Bringer's Plan

This is a control deck focused on starving the opponent of resources through various methods such as hand disruption, land destruction and removal.

It is designed to play under the harsh effects of Smallpox and recover faster than the opponent.


Cards such as Bloodghast , Kitchen Finks , Flagstones of Trokair & Lingering Souls are effective means of staving off the backlash effects of Smallpox

Meanwhile we have other stifling effects to continue oppressing our opponent such as Leonin Arbiter & Ghost Quarter

Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek can be used to gather information from our opponent and disrupt their hand. These cards allow us to see if it is safe to play cards like Dark Confidant or Leonin Arbiter .

Dark Confidant's Mischief

The following is an example of some of the mischief this deck can getup to.

T1 : Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , Fatal Push a creature or disrupt their hand with Thoughtseize

T2 : Flagstones of Trokair , Smallpox causing them to lose a land a creature and a card. You can discard a Bloodghast , destroy Flagstones of Trokair search for a new land Godless Shrine and put Bloodghast into play.

Effectively you have just taken the opponent down to 1 land, put a 2/1 creature on the board and made them discard a card all on turn 2, whilst still being on 2 lands yourself. (Obviously this is a best case scenario but the 2nd time I ran this deck that play was available to me in game 2)


I am looking for any constructive criticism alongside any assistance with sideboard and the more difficult matchups the deck has (streamlined aggro decks such as affinity)

I hope you enjoyed the deck and if you did remember to +1 !


- DiscardDecard


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