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Orzhov lifedrain - Your life is mine

Modern Budget Lifegain WB (Orzhov)



The idea here is to gain life and take it from the enemy at the same time via Cliffhaven Vampire, Corpse Knight and/or Sanguine Bond.

It's pretty much the inverse of Aristocrats, where I get triggers of life drain when creatures enter the battlefield.

The main win condition here is Cliffhaven Vampire + Soul Warden or Suture Priest/Corpse Knight. I boost one Ajani's Pridemate to a big amount by while triggering Cliffhaven Vampire/Corpse Knight using tokens from Westvale Cult Leader. I can then later swing the Ajani using Emerge Unscathed or my whole board with Brave the Elements if necessary, but initially the focus of those cards is to keep my key creatures alive.

Any suggestions, as long as they are not too expensive, are welcome.


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