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"Just Horde on Loosely, But Don't Let Go!"

Recently, a friend and I compared our decks to a vehicle.

We each had different views on whether spells are the engine and the mana base its gasoline or vice versa.

There are arguments for both ways of looking at it, but perhaps the purpose of our discussion was simpler.

Maybe we were subtly trying to remind ourselves that regardless of which component is the power and which is the well from which that power is drawn, the idea is that they are married to their propulsion by each other.

That may seem overly simple. But in the complete and total synthesis of the power with the well from which it is drawn, naturally, you reach a kind of pure simplification. It seems a necessary simplification for the nuances and subtleties that lie in a game as rich as Magic to surface.

As a creator of balance between the power and its source, in some ways, we reach an immersion with our love to such a degree that there exists a perfect blend of will, knoweldge, adaptability, trust, intuition, psychic enrichment, calculation, pressure and of course, passionate pleas. Because this is each and every one of us, when our all too-perfect plan runs awry.

We are solemn. We are intrigued. We dig down, and we emerge.

This is a game which teaches and refines so many skills by repetition, the fruits of which bloom into being through our every day lives.

And it is our responsibility to live up to that power when called. To ensure that it remains fundamentally decent. And to lie down so as to build a plank towards that good when those around us are in need of one final step.

I love designing decks and sharing them. I love writing about them and thinking about Magic in general.

It's impossible to combine all those loves into 99 cards and a commander, but this is my effort. It is going on a decade's worth of refinement at this point. It is from whence and from yore. And it is from now and also never. But here it lie, forever enshrined.

Please take a look.

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" -Robert Browning


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