Greetings all to who actually read these and welcome to my deck description! Now to get started this is where i got the Idea for this Deck New Phyrexia's Scourge. That's right I also made that deck thus really the only app description for this deck would be that its a upgrade to the previous deck. I mostly run alot more kill spells in this version due to the fact that most of the decks at my LGS run many combo pieces in the form of creatures. Thus I am in need of more removal in the form of single target removal also I can search almost all of them out with Sunforger. So with this deck it pretty much has the same idea as with New Phyrexia's Scourge as in pump out as much artifacts as can beofore turn 5 and make your own Battle-cruiser. Mind you always try and find one of your Trample(O-NaginataTenza, Godo's Maul) pieces or else you're just doing nothing but killing puny creatures.


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