Alternative name: Curses, Foiled Again

I wouldn't have guessed Wizards would have went Grixis with their official curse commander. But I think its an interesting take. Recursion and card draw on a commander isn't anything to sneeze at. Interesting lore implications of the Multiverse's unluckiest Planeswalker to.

The goal here is to gradually cast curses until it benefits everyone much more to attack others than us, and let their effects feed off of each other, draining, pinging, and disabling everyone else until they hopefully die. If need be, we can cast Labman and try to draw out our decks, but that's an unlikely out. We're here to cause a bit of controlled chaos and for a good time, not necessarily win. This is the kind of deck where we risk painting a huge target on our backs once people get wise, so keep board wipes at the ready.

No infinite combos. Just curses and card draw.


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