The basis of this deck is an incredibly resilient 2 card combination built into your command zone. We utilize the available control pieces we have to the absolute maximum and go for big wins as quickly as possible. We are using fast mana for the format as effectively as possible, with trying to land jace into play early on every game to immediately follow up with paradigm shift. Shift exiles our deck as most times we will have nothing in our grave, we activate jace, his static ability says we win. We have many small cantrips as well as the numerous control elements to quickly and effectively lock out our threats. With our commander in play, we can ruthlessly cast sunder if the game is running long and we can float the mana for a timetwister or other effect, or to just stall out our opponents. Other unfair synergy is Declaration of Naught naming either their planeswalker or signature spell of a control minded deck which could stop us. As we are very hard to deal with thanks to the rocks and force of will, we have a target on us most games and need to play effectively and efficiently.

Do NOT: counter every spell cast, pick and choose your game winning moments. go off early, and not pay attention to what people are playing. waste card draw, as blowing your draw spells quickly can make the commander win difficult should they stop you from activating your general.

DO: Play aggressively in shutting off opponents synergy. They are playing the Elder Spell? you never let their walkers resolve. they are playing garruk (the original) with triumph of the hordes? well we know what we must counter. no creatures for them.

And that is really it. The decklist should feel pretty straight forward and is considered an ever evolving work in progress. I hope you enjoy it!


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Thanks to the feedback if everyone, particularly hellhole, some changes were made to more heavily center the deck. Still trying to fit chain of vapor, but so far defense grid replaced lab maniac and holds in strong against control decks similar to ours. We swapped islands for fetches adding a gitaxian probe over ponder to more efficiently filter the deck. We added tolarian winds over arcane denial as once we paradigm shift we can then tolarian winds to discard our hand and draw up prior to activating Jace giving us a much more solid win condition. Early game it is also huge as it let's us selectively get rid of pieces that might not work in our hand with our current match up. I really appreciate the feedback from everyone and again, big thanks to hellhole for pointing out cards I had overlooked and cuts I was too stubborn to make lol



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