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Omnath, who Mana Breaks for us all.

Commander / EDH* Competitive Devotion Mono-Green


I was told to can a project about how WotC can't seem to get their Mana Colors Together well enough. Never AGAIN. The Original Omnath would like a word w/ many kinds of people: the R&D Group, The Community as a Whole, even whatever group at WotC that focuses on the Mana Color's Realism (I'd like a name, please.): You failed at seeing the other side of the damned things. So I'll have to help you personally.

Expect some Fliers, Impurities, Anti-Flying Creature Killing & a beast of a Mana Ramping for quick kills.

You can also expect the Natural & Unnatural to co-exist with each other (NO! I don't mean Lifecrafting.); I mean, that's how we got Birthing Pod , The Great Henge , Bow of Nylea , Copper Myr , Lifecrafter's Bestiary , Tangleroot , even that abominable Tangle Hulk that made Vorinclex a BLATANT Hypocrite, & got away with it.

Also expect Artifact Synergies, be it w/ other impurities or even Affiliated stuff. NO REFUSAL.

For help, I'm looking for cards that can destroy Noncreatures & creatures Alike, Hax that isn't normally good at, & Artfacts that complement alot/some of the Cards/-Support.

What would you suggest in a deck such as this? How would you make it better than it already is 3 cards over?

Finally, I'll showcase my thoughts through Accordion for all 7 (8 if you count & 9 for . Oh, & 10 for , & EX for Saga Symbol 4

Ah, whatev. Enjoy anyway. :D


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