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Omnath ramp made to do big crazy nonsense. The basic objective is to get lands onto the field to hit 8 as soon as possible so we can start drawing cards from Omnath and accruing a lot of value. This can be done with extra land drop outlets like exploration and wayward sword tooth, through triggers with risen reef, or with spells like the classic cultivate. The value we get from playing our lands comes in the form of token generators like field of the dead and card draw from tatyova or omnath itself. Once you have a crucible of worlds effect and a fetch land in the graveyard this can get out of hand very quickly. The ways to win the game are numerous. We can make a ton of tokens and give them haste with cavalier of flame or taking near infinite extra combat steps with mourag. We can draw scapeshift to get a Dark Depths and a Thespians Stage so we can have a 20/20 indestructible flier. Or we can just cast finale of devastation to kill everyone on the spot. This is my favorite deck to play as there is a lot of options and the deck is surprisingly resilient if you play your token generators at a strategic pace. Please if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them


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