Land synergies, elementals and the big man himself, saccing elementals. Maybeboard holds what I think are good card options if you want to build a deck like this and need some spices.

Play a lot of lands and generate tokens that trigger enchantments or swing to the face

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Tips and other comments:

Charmbreaker Devils is good for the possible return ramp or something else useful back to your hand. Imagine being able to cast Genesis Wave for a billion and getting it back on the next upkeep, sweet.

Out of cards? Put that Elemental Mastery on anything and sac the poor guys to Skullclamp .

Remember to go balls deep for the Genesis Wave . The higher you go, the more chances for you to grab some of the oomph enchantments along those lands to make some nasty stuff happen.

All the shitty fetches are here to fuel Titania and/or Omnath's triggers.

Elemental Bond + Parallel Lives and ( Omnath, Locus of Rage or Rampaging Baloths ) out? Careful with that Boundless Realms ! Bond isn't a "may draw" so you have to draw for each token that you make with those lands, you might deck yourself.

Crop Rotation fetches you a land which is why a Kessig Wolf Run might be good to have. In case you're having a bad game, sometimes going with a trampling general to the face is the key

Test out Zhur-Taa Ancient or other mana doublers like Mana Flare in R/G. When it becomes incredibly easy to fill your hand up with Greater Good you're going to wish you could just drop everything you have on the table but don't have all that mana and an early mana doubler for the table is going to benefit you the most probably with your ridiculously high curve

As Titania, Protector of Argoth is a great token generator you'll see that Need for Speed , Lithatog , Devastating Summons are your little treasure chests. You can also get rid of your lands with Goblin Bombardment or Phyrexian Altar with Sylvan Awakening - Get them back from the graveyard with Splendid Reclamation or manually via Crucible of Worlds / Ramunap Excavator and some extra land effects like Summer Bloom

One secret tech I'm using for now is Treasonous Ogre to use your life as a resource for cheating out mana. You might also want to use Inner Fire after you've filled your hand with Greater Good


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