I am Rage Incarnate, your world shall burn


Easily my favorite deck at this time: I enjoy puking out tokens and watching my PG's eyes fill with dread as I set up an imposing board very quickly. This list tends to be very resilient to opposing game-plans of all types, and flexible enough to deal with a wide array of other Commanders and the differing strategies.

The general idea with my list is to be low-to-the-ground and ramp quickly, balancing with removal/disruption options and simultaneously develop an army while applying pressure. With an average CMC of ~2.9, we can deploy this deck fairly rapidly.

In the accordion below, i'll go through my categories and the cards in each. Thanks for giving this a read!

Generally we win via tokens and assembling a substantial enough army to win with, employing Scute Swarm, Nesting Dragon, Avenger of Zendikar, Titania, Protector of Argoth and of course, Omnath, Locus of Rage.

When we have assembled an army, we can simply beat faces, but we do have some options to take advantage of our sheer numbers:

Classic, "turn 'em sideways" approaches.

1) Craterhoof Behemoth: Very well-known card, a staple in many green EDH decks, Hoof enables us to swing with more than enough damage to win games with, even against pods and opposing boardstates.

2) Triumph of the Hordes: Similar to Hoof in the aspect of giving us enough power to kill a pod, albeit more sleazy.

3) Cavalier of Flame: With his team-pump ability, we can somewhat replicate a Hoof's ETB, and also enable team-haste.

4) Shaman of Forgotten Ways: Using his Biorhythm effect, we can take advantage of the fact that we can swarm the board and overwhelm our opponents.

Taking advantage of Om's 2nd ability, we can use direct burn to kill players and pods.

1A) Omnath, Locus of Rage: He deals 3 damage to whatever when one of our elementals perish, so combine a board of ele's and a sac-outlet to ping directly.

1B) Goblin Bombardment: The better sac-outlet to pair with Om, 4 damage per sac will add up quickly. Not to mention you can separate damage to rid multiple things quickly. And we can do minor damage with our other tokens.

2) Cavalier of Flame's death trigger has also killed players before, as an unexpected source of lethal damage.

3) We can also include Triumph of the Hordes with any scenario above to do direct infect damage.

4) Shaman of Forgotten Ways: Using his Biorhythm effect, again, we usually develop a wider boardstate more quickly than our opponents so we can use our numbers to our advantage.

5) Terror of the Peaks, can deal lots of damage on a slightly cheaper body than Warstorm Surge. Only drawbacks are the initial plant and egg tokens will deal zilch.

If for some reason that we can't win with tokens, Chandra, Torch of Defiance's -7 emblem can also be a win-con, albeit its tough to get, but it is hilarious to Lava Axe opponents to death.

Card advantage is paramount in a format where there are 99 card decks. I define card advantage to include GY shenanigans and tutor effects (which would technically include some ramp cards but...no).

1) Raw Card Draw stems from: Wheel of Fortune, Harmonize, Sylvan Library, Cavalier of Flame, and Bonders' Enclave. As well as Chandra, Torch of Defiance's and Nissa, Sage Animist's +1 abilities. We also take advantage of our token production by utilizing Garruk's Uprising for ETB's.

2) A stand alone card drawing monster is Tireless Tracker, his pseudo-landfall ability can be huge to use up any free mana that we produce.

3) Tutors, we have 4: Chord of Calling, Green Sun's Zenith, Worldly Tutor and Natural Order, their main tutor targets are the main win-cons such as Hoof or high-value situational creatures.

4) We do have one cycle cards that we can toss in a pinch: Sheltered Thicket.

5) Graveyard shenanigans are provided by Eternal Witness, which is a staple in many if not most green decks.

Stopping opponents game-plans is also a crucial aspect of EDH, so we run a myriad of options to stop them until we can overwhelm them.

1) Land destruction is a sleazy way to set up a win, but since the very strong majority of decks need mana to play stuff. removing them can guarantee some games in our favor. Strip Mine and Wasteland can help snipe specific lands to hamstring. Boom / Bust can be flexible, we can do Boom early-game and use the fetchland trick to keep ahead. Late-game Bust can be synergized with Splendid Reclamation or World Shaper to completely break parity even in a 4-person pod.

My favorite bit of sassiness in this deck is sticking Azusa, Lost but Seeking and/or Exploration alongside Ramunap Excavator/Crucible of Worlds/Ancient Greenwarden to repeatedly re-play Strip Mine to eventually do a one-sided Armageddon.

This is easily disrupt-able yes, but its so much fun getting this mini "combo" going on, fantastic in 1V1's, and we can get it online on turn 1 with the right hand.

2) Artifact and enchantments can be seriously annoying, so we run Nature's Claim, Krosan Grip, and Force of Vigor to get rid of them asap.

3) Chandra, Torch of Defiance's -3 can single-handily take down most problem creatures. Her emblem can help clean up a board as well, if we get it. Terror of the Peaks triggered ability can also help remove opposing creatures and Planeswalkers, as well as Fury's ETB.

5) Flexible removal comes in the form of Song of the Dryads and Beast Within, to target any of the above but also include blowing up opposing Planeswalkers.

6) Graveyard interaction comes from Scavenging Ooze, to help prevent the effectiveness of Meren/Other decks that run similarly.

Basically, I hate getting my stuff countered, I also hate dying, so we run some protection cards.

1) To stop counter-magic, we have Cavern of Souls, Boseiju, Who Shelters All and Pyroblast. Blast here to be proactive against blue decks and stop some their shenanigans, such as a overloaded Cyclonic Rift.

2) We buffer our life total with Scavenging Ooze and Food Tokens made with Tireless Provisioner..

3) Sylvan Safekeeper is here to protect our creature threats. Can also somewhat combo with Titania/Reclamation.

4) Deflecting Swat is a flexible option, mostly here to deal with removal and possibly other shenanigans.

While this category takes up the largest chunk of cards, i'm not really gonna go through it that much, its pretty obvious what they're here for. I have mostly land tutors, alongside some mana rocks and dorks.

I chose mostly low cost cards to ramp effectively turn by turn. We also have cards to snag lands form our GY to re-use and recover from Boom / Bust ourselves.

Our fetches will be mentioned here as they help grab key dual lands and help further thin the deck.

Overall, besides providing us more mana than what opponents have available, our ramping thins out our deck, increasing the likelihood of more explosive plays to keep stomping opponents.

I've been playing this Angry Boi for awhile now, and I believe I have tuned it very well but if you have any suggestions, or would like an explanation for a particular card, do HMU in the comments section and i'll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for checking it out, and please give it a +1!!!

I am working on foiling/promo-ing out this deck, since its my main boi.


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Nothing really popped out at me except Terror of the Peaks. A slightly cheaper Warstorm Surge on a body that requires a tad more to remove if targeted individually.

Otherwise, getting a foil EA Azusa will be pretty sweet.

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