Gameplan: Ramp to get Omnath out early and try to get as many Landfall triggers as possible to produce Elemental Tokens. With Titania, Protector of Argoth + Zendikar's Roil you also have other ways to produce Elemental tokens.

Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator you can play lands from your graveyard!

How to win? Well, you can use your tokens to get combat damage through. Also Triumph of the Hordes can help you beating your opponents quickly.

With Goblin Bombardement you can deal 4 damage to any player with one token! When you have mutiple tokens then....... :)

Use Earthquake and/or Magmaquake to burn people first and get a way to kill your tokens dealing 3 more damage with Omnath's ability. Also Blasphemous Act does this but without burning any players.

A other fun way to win with this deck is to play Rude Awakening paying the entwine cost to first untap all your lands and then smashes your opponents with 2/2 land creatures. XD

And finally i also included a kill combo when games will take forever without making any progress. It is a well known combo especially in land focused decks.... Use Tooth and Nail and paying the entwine cost to first find Avenger of Zendikar + Purphoros, God of the Forge and get them on to the battlefield dealing a lot of damage.

I hope you enjoy my build. Feel free to get inspiration from it and also you can leave some suggestions! :)


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