In my meta we do not run tutors, as a general rule (well more of a gentlemen's agreement). However, I do have the desire to have one deck that has a relatively high power level and a good level of consistency, for the sake of contrast. So this deck is my attempt to build something I think will be fun (for me) and also stand a chance of winning in different metas, and in a more tuned environment.

Help and advice are always welcome. Generally the deck is of cards that I own, but where I dont I will list below. Generally speaking these are cards I am aiming to buy ASAP.

At first glance there might be a lack of obvious win conditions for this deck, but having played it a few times and ground out wins with it, here are some of the ways it can go over the top.

Test of Endurance along with the mountain of incidental Lifegain: yes the enchantment is fragile, but it does demand answers, and one cannot be found? Well I guess that's GG.

Approach of the Second Sun Might be predictable, might cost a total of 14 mana to do it, but it can (and has) win games. The abundance of mana that Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Cabal Coffers can generate means I am not often short on mana. If I am in Magic Christmas land and have Erebos, God of the Dead in play, I can burn through life and cards to redraw Approach of the Second Sun more quickly too.

Felidar Sovereign + Lifegain is another fragile but demands answers way of winning the game. Very easy to disrupt, but again it does mean players have to play their removal or lose, so it's a handy thing to have.

Exsanguinate + vast amount of black mana means that I can dump it all into a big casting of this spell. Again, this might be fragile, but if timed well can win seemingly out of nowhere.

Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood + Any Sacrifice outlet is an infinite combo which will win the game and is quite easy to trigger. The tutors in the deck are there to fish for this combination, and this is the default win condition for the deck.


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So this deck finally got its first outing, and I am incredibly happy to say not only did it win, it was also a lot of fun to pilot! This was one of my big fears: that I would build the deck and be full off hope for it and it would end up as dull as dishwater to play and be no fun at all (I have had this occur before, and with an Esper deck too). Turns out i didn't need to worry, not only did I enjoy platying it, no one playing against it found it awful and oppressive either so that suits me down to the ground.

Off the back of its first chance to perform I have made a couple of minor changes, including another win condition in the deck ikn the shape of Aetherflux Reservoir . So these are the changes made to the deck; please feel free to suggest others!

Cards Out:

Solemn Simulacrum I don't think in this deck it will really do enough.

Crawlspace This effect isn't particularly needed as the deck has enough other ways to protect itself, and when ever I get the card in hand i always wish it were something else.

Cards In:

Aetherflux Reservoir Another win condition is no bad thing, and this gives the deck another way to use all the life it generates.

Rhox Faithmender More support for the lifegain win conditions and also helps to replace Crawlspace by making damage an unattractive way to try and beat this deck.


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