Do you like to gain life? Do you find yourself playing decks that guide other players to beat each other to a pulp while you sit there? Do you like to bide your time and wait for your perfect moment as you watch the world burn around you, and then take the charred remains for yourself? If yes, then Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is the only commander for you. With his life gain ability, you can get a little safety cushion for yourself. Every turn the cushion gets bigger and bigger. Players are not going to like it at first but other problems will arise. They forget about you and you wait bidding your time, land after land. When they finally decide to pay attention, you have more life then they can take, some powerful build up with control in your hand. They are done before they realize what happened.

The Immortal's Codex


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Thank you for checking out my deck

If you have any input or suggestions please feel free to express them! I'm always interested in making the deck more efficient and powerful. I will also try to respond in a timely fashion. As always, +1's are greatly appreciated.

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Disclaimer: Something to keep in mind when giving input for the deck. I like an interactive and challenging game. So because of that, I do not like or want any cards that completely lock my opponent's out of the game. It makes beating them that much sweeter ;)

The coding for this primer was developed by Epochalyptik here.


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There are a ton of fun looking cards in the set. Right now, Archivist of Oghma stands out the most. I am looking at taking out Clever Impersonator or Fatespinner for it. I'm going to take out the Impersonator first and see how it plays.

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