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Oloro Life A Plenty

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Hello viewers,

This is my current Oloro deck. Im still new-ish to commander. I am less than a year into the format after taking a big hiatus from about Coldsnap to Dominaria (about 13+ blocks). I know my list isn't necessarily "unique", but it is slightly different compared to what some people run. This is the most focused/powerful of my handful of decks. ANY and ALL recommendations as well as feedback is greatly appreciated.

Some possible inclusions I feel would be a few more counter spells, wipes, and protections such as Teferi's Protection (which I have in my Markov precon). I also feel my single target removal is pretty on point, but again... I am still new and open to feedback. So far the community of EDH as whole has been very welcoming and SUPER fun to play with. I have encountered very little toxicity thus far. Thanks in advance gang!


Its fairly simple, the game plan is to either weaponize life gain partially and/or place ourselves in a solid position for some of the win cons (Blood/Bond, Aetherflux, Felidar, Debt/Exsanguinate, etc). I have a fair amount of solid card draw and tutors, and generally have removal readily available for the pesky targets.

EDITS: Commander Sphere (out) Fellwar Stone (in) Azor, the Lawbringer (out) Vizkopa Guldmage (in) Felidar Soverign (out) Bitterblossom (in)

Fellwar is just faster. I feel Chromatic Lantern is a solid rock for 3, but not the sphere. Vizkopa builds off Exquisite and Sanguine. Bitterblossom provides chumps for free, fodder for Bolas Citadel, potential triggers for soul sisters, as well as aerial assault. With 3-4 solid token producers, I was toying with the idea of things like blood artist more or less to deter board wipes.


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