A competitive take on the Queen of Vampires, the goal of this deck is to explode out of the gate and to use the control Olivia provides us to maintain complete dominance on the board and should we need to, we have a few ways to reset the board. The primary goal is to use Olivia to win the game and then removing/stealing anything that gets in our way of doing that, with some other value creatures to help Olivia do her work. The goal is to be competitive as possible within these colors, and would love recommendations!

-Turn One Olivia Plays ~Chrome Mox/Split Land/Mana Crypt ~Chrome Mox/Split Land/Dark Ritual

-Combos ~Sanguine Bond/Exquisite Blood (Insta-Win) ~Aggravated Assault/Sword of Feast and Famine (Unlimited Combat Phases)

-Thoughts Behind Certain Cards ~Forbidden Orchard: I noticed the deck was struggling against decks that were not creature heavy, because we are reliant on eating things to make Olivia stronger. This land pays for half of our biting cost and gives us a target! Plus, the spirit is NOT flying so we just zoom right over it! ~Reliquary Tower: Even though we aren't SUPER card draw, I found that the card was just super utility and helped us recover from Cyclonic Rift. ~Ulamog: We traditionally have the mana we need to play Ulamog, and the deck was lacking on Enchantment removal due to our colors. Plus, it's always nice to have a win-con in case something horrific happens to Olivia. ~All Is Dust: A board wipe that doesn't clear our mana ramp/equipment and hits Enchantments. ~Ob Nixilis: I am running him primarily for card draw, but the spot removal is also helpful. ~Braid of Fire: In case it isn't clear, Braid of Fire gives us free bites on our upkeep and can basically pay for Olivia for free if you have Vedalken Orrery out. ~Stranglehold: No combo searching for you!


4/30/2020 Update:

Hey everyone! For a while I had taken apart this deck because it was at the point where it was greatly outpacing my playgroup and that was not very fun. However, as of YESTERDAY I have put it back together with some modern updates. I am not going to do a change log for this large wave update; but if I make any more tweaks I will for sure!

-- 2018 Change Log Edits: Removed Mox Opal+Kalitas for Mana Vault and Mogis, God of the Slaughter.

-Removed: Visara the Dreadful for Master of Cruelties. Visara was too slow.

-Removed: Mutilate, Master of Cruelties, Evolving Wilds for Ulamog, All Is Dust and Dragonskull Summit. We needed more things that hit enchantments and Evolving Wilds proved to be to slow so I added a land that I had forgot to add on inception.

-Removed: Canyon Slough, Swamp and Unlicensed Disintegration for Reflecting Pool, Rakdos Signet and Phyresis. Canyon Slough was slow and I never cycled it, Unlicensed didn't feel worth the extra mana just for 3 damage. Rakdos Signet gives us earlier colored mana and Phyresis let's us end people WAY faster and kill indestructible enemies with our bites!

-Removed: Past in Flames, Bojuka Bog and a Swamp; added Yawgmoth's Will, Ancient Tomb and Command Beacon. All three were cards that belonged in the deck on inception I just had to wait to afford them; the primary reason we are running Command Beacon is because we play her so much, it's nice to evade the Commander Tax at the 3rd and 4th cast. I removed Bojuka Bog because it wasn't super relevant in my playgroup and we still have grave exile with Rakdos Charm, plus I hate that it enters tapped.


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