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Old Man Taigam has escaped the old folks home and made his way down to the public park. Will Taigam be able to keep his senility in check long enough to feed some pond birds?

Azorius Spellslinger with bird subtheme. Generally you are attacking, and before declared blockers you cast Shelter or Leap to give our man unlockable (and bonus card), we then get a rebound trigger and can do it again next turn. We are trying to utilize rebound and digging through our library (Concentrate Brainstorm) to find our win conditions.

The most standard and run-of-the-mill is of course Approach of the Second Sun. Our draw/scry cards help us look for it and rebound helps further. Unfortunately, rebound doesn't cause us to win with Approach of the Second Sun on rebound.

Dovescape + Taigam, Oujutai Master to shut down the game.

On his perilous journey to the park, Taigam encounters some friendly homeless gentlemen Talrand, Sky Summoner and Murmuring Mystic. They also aide in our primary win-con which is to flood the board with birds.

Alternatively, Ordered Migration or Migratory Route can mean we quickly populate the board with blockers/unlockable(ish) sources of damage. Similarly, you can invoke the power of the old folks home and cast Rise from the Tides, summoning the wrath of Taigam's retired friends.

Swarm Intelligence gives you 4x card usage.

Elminster is in also as an alternative commander. Also he is really old.

Lastly, if this is your first time seeing Taigam, Ojutai Master, know that you can make him absolutely bonkers with the right card. I opted to keep it relatively mid-power, cards like Time Warp can combo off really easy. Hullbreaker Horror and the cantrip-y nature of the deck could mean you have ultimate control of the board. If you sink some real dollars into Taigam he can really pew pew pew.

I hope you like this deck. I made it with a theme in mind of an old man freaking out at a public park, hopefully you can see what I mean. Please feel free to add any suggestions.

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