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Hogaak once risen has fallen, and with this fall our faithlessness is shattered.

No more shall we loot, yet still, perhaps we may rise again...

Our form has changed, yet is similar.

Still Sticher shall supply us, still the vengeance of the vines is ours.

Still those who crawl from graves shall feed our army of carrion, in an ever repeating cycle.

Then finally, we shall stalk the tombs, we shall take flight.


So, I built Hogaak at the request of my playgroup, fully in the knowledge that the card itself would be banned. The banning of Looting though surprised me and others, I've always been a fan of Hollow One, and while that deck isn't dead, it is hurt, as too is Izzet Phoenix. So to this deck, I wanted graveyard nonsense that wasn't Dredge and still had many of the key elements of the Hogaak deck. Not because I was overly enamoured by that deck (I wasn't, it was DUMB), but because I'm a little miffed at loosing looting and so wanted to still play in the graveyard space...

I'm trying to reduce the pain from lands, as burn/prowess will be faster off the ground, so preserving some life seems relevant. I probably want some life-gain for this matchup too, though it's difficult to see where to fit it in...


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