Modern Merfolk, currently looking into updating my decklist so please check out my updates section. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Oh, I used to dream

Of oceans and streams

Flowing and growing strong

Where have all those days gone?

(Listen to this while looking over my decklist)

Upvotes are appreciated and suggestions will be considered. Thank you.



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With the recent reprints and new merfolk cards introduced in the Ixalan block, I figured it's about time for me to freshen up this decklist. I really want to do some playtesting with Kopala, Warden of Waves, so I may add a copy or two in my mainboard but I'm not sure what I should cut to make room for it. If it doesn't earn a spot in my mainboard I am also considering replacing Kira, Great Glass-Spinner with Kopala in my sideboard. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this, thank you.

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