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My take on a mid-range B/G deck that I play in local Modern tournaments. The deck synergizes powerful discard and kill spells with powerful, efficient and difficult to remove creatures like Kitchen Finks and Phyrexian Obliterator. Along with the difficult to remove are the pure value creatures like Grim Flayer(Ponder on a stick), Tarmogoyf(OP), Scavenging Ooze(lifegain/graveyard hate) and one of my new favourites, Tireless Tracker(Card Draw/Revolt recursion).

The Urborgs help you leave up fetches to trigger revolt and for sideboard tech lands. Sacrificing clues also triggers revolt to keep Fatal Push killing creatures up to 4 cmc The Sea Gate Wreckage is great for when you eventually get into late game top decking. The 3x Twilight Mire's give you access to the colourless mana you need in order for Wreckage's activation cost without compromising the land base with non colour lands.

I honestly have no idea how a card as good as Sea Gate Wreckage is only worth 50 cents non foil. I feel like people don't really understand how stupidly powerful card draw on a land really is. This card can win you the game on its own in the late game, when your hand is empty and you just need fuel.

I added in one copy of Eldritch Evolution which in my opinion is a VASTLY underrated card. This card is like that silver bullet in the deck that gets you any creature you immediately need to deal with the board situation. Most of the time yes, you will be grabbing Obliterator but sometimes you just need that extra 2 life from Kitchen Finks or need that Scavenging Ooze ASAP. Or maybe you just want to sac for Grim Flayer to turn on delerium while at the same time grabbing Tireless Tracker if you want to draw cards. This card gives you that option and for only a cost of 3 mana. Eldritch Evolution is that 1 of in this deck that can either get you the card you need to win the game, or get you the card you need in order to not lose the game.


The sideboard of this deck is aimed mainly at combo and graveyard hate. The Extirpates, Surgical Extraction and the extra Thoughtseize swap out kill spells vs combo. The deck has the 2x Glaring Spotlight's for Bogles and Geist of Saint Traft. The Scrabbling Claws allow you to have further graveyard hate to add to the Scooze's. I chose Claws over Relic because instead of exiling all the cards to draw a card you can just exile one. You want to make sure your Goyfs are still 4/5 or 5/6's to keep them relevant. 5/6 is where you want to be in order to block Reality Smasher's. Back to Nature is the silver bullet for enchantment decks, Go for the Throat is there to deal with larger creature decks and the one of Tireless Tracker is for slower grindy matchups. Lastly the 2x Ghostly Quarters help deal with troublesome lands. One of the worst match-ups for this deck is probably tron and pre-sideboard storm is one of the worse matchups.


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