Hi all! This is a Temur Combo Control list built arround the card Oath of Druids! A great card that is both "fair" and "symmetrical" (but not really). The basic idea is to get an Oath of Druids or a Defense of the Heart in play and get ginormous disruptive creatures in play.

As mentioned in the first lines, the main plan of this deck is to get either Oath of Druids or Defense of the Heart in play and cheat enormous creatures in play. On the other hand, this deck is not playing actual tutors for this cards, which means that it could take too much time to implement those game plans. Therefore, this deck has a secondary plan, I'm also running Quicksilver Amulet, Show and Tell and Hypergenesis!

In case I end up with a bunch of fatties in hand Quicksilver Amulet, Show and Tell and Hypergenesis are three really good cards that can take profit out of that. Another card that would go very well is Eureka but because that card is in the Reserved List it costs about 300 bucks or more.

The big creatures in this deck have in common that they disrupt a lot your opponents' game plan. For example, Void Winnower is a hateful card that I love, it shuts down half of your opponents spells roughly. Two other really disruptive creatures are Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur which attack the mana base and hand of every opponent, while boosting your own game plan! A card I really like in red is Ilharg, the Raze-Boar which can put creatures for free into play, in case you end up with some fatties in hand. It's a bit like Sneak Attack with some downsides, in that it's a creature and can die, but also some upsides, in that the creature that puts into play bounces instead of being sacrificed. Another big creature that really disrupts your opponents is Kozilek, the Great Distortion which counters stuff only by pitching stuff.

And then there are creatures that hit stupidly hard, like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and Terastodon, and are removal (Annihilator is kindda removal)! A pretty cool card to include in this category is Agent of Treachery. Technically speaking, it's a 2/3 Human Rogue for 7 mana. Now, it's ITB effect is stealing a permanent from another permanent. Also, if you control three permanents you don't own, you draw three cards more every turn! This is one of the main payoffs on Ilharg, the Raze-Boar with witch Agent of Treachery has a bonkers synergy.

Finally, there's God-Eternal Kefnet that is just good in a Control deck, and can eventually go infinite with Sylvan Library and an extra turn spell. Basically, you put the cards so that your next turn the first card you draw is Temporal Manipulation (soon to be acquired) for instance, so you can cast it with Kefnet. However, you draw other two cards, and put the Manipulation back on top, to draw it next turn again!

The main combo pieces represent five cards out of a hundred. Thus, card draw and tutors are really important in this deck, specially tutors. However, as long as this deck does not have white nor black there are not very many tutors. A really important one is Muddle the Mixture, which is in itself a counterspell, but has Transmute which means it can get Oath of Druids. Also, Mystical Tutor can find Muddle the Mixtrue, the old "tutor for the right tutor". Those cards can also find Show and Tell. Finally, there's also Bring to Light which is one of the few ways to actually cast Hypergenesis.

For card draw, there are a bunch of options in the deck. One of the most annoying ones, but also the sweeter ones is Rhystic Study, a 20$ common that could find a home in every blue commander deck. There are other sources of card draw in Pull from Tomorrow, Echo of Eons, Commit / Memory or Expansion / Explosion. In a smaller fashion there's Ponder, which is pretty good with the shuffle effect if you have Sylvan Library in play. And there are some utility lands in card: Memorial to Genious, Castle Vantress or Halimar Depths. The two latter are not card draw exactly, but really cool cards! Finally, there are two pieces of green card draw which are bonkers in Rishkar's Expertise and Sylvan Library. The Expertise can draw a ton of cards at certain point, and can also cast any of the win cons of this deck. Finally the Library can go infinite turns with God-Eternal Kefnet and an extra turn spell, in that the first card you draw each turn is always the extra turn one, but you can put it back with the library!

A last minute inclusion is Jace Beleren which might come out, or it might not... depends on how I feel about it in some time. I think it can be fine to use the plus ability and being more political, but who knows. Maybe I take it out and add Tamiyo, Collector of Tales

Once you have either Oath of Druids or Defense of the Heart in play, they don't work all the time due to the conditions of those two cards. Thus, the removal and some other cards in this deck give creatures to our opponents. The main single spot removal is Beast Within which gives a beast upon removing a permanent... any permanent! In a similar vein there's Pongify, Rapid Hybridization and Reality Shift. The card Chaos Warp can have a similar effect, in that it shuffles a permanent into it's owner's library. Then, maybe a creature comes out of it, maybe not. And finally, the one and only, the most hated Planeswalker in Modern, Oko, Thief of Crowns!

Other ways to give our opponents creatures are Swan Song, which is a counter that gives a bird. And there's also Forbidden Orchard which taps for any colour, but gives our opponents colorless non-flying spirit tokens... right.

As a piece of Planeswalker/Artifact removal there's a Sword of Sinew and Steel, which is here mostly to protect Riku of the red Wraths, but has upside as a piece of removal for stuff you're not so good at killing! Namely, that is artifacts and Planeswalkers.

Two really good pieces of removal are Electrodominance and card: Expansion/Explosion. Electrodominance is a bonkers card that lets you cast stuff just before your turn, such as Oath of Druids. And Expansion/Explosion either also draw cards, or can copy Show and Tell and stuff like that.

There are also some counterspells which are some sort of removal, and are really useful when you want to protect a really proactive plan. The most notable of them are Disallow, Swan Song, Mystic Confluence and Muddle the Mixture, which is also a tutor.

There are seven sweepers in the deck. The upside of red sweepers is that they are damage based, so you can kill most things except for your giant creatures! There's Chain Reaction, Starstorm Magmaquake, Star of Extinction and Blasphemous Act. As long as I run Mystical Tutor there's Devastation Tide. Finally, there is also one of the best sweepers of the format in Cyclonic Rift! This card is insane, and probably and auto-include in any blue list.

As a final note, I'd like to mention that in this deck there's some ramp in card: Sylvan, Kodama's Reach and Farseek. There's also some artifact ramp in Sol Ring, Izzet Signet, Simic Signet and also Primal Amulet  , which transforms in a bonkers land that copies spells. There's also a Search for Azcanta   which filters the top of your deck, and eventually transforms in a bonkers land which grabs any of your win cons or a tutor!
Another utility piece in this deck is As Foretold which enables you to cast free spells every turn super fast! And there is also a weird include in Moment's Peace. The thing is that this deck either is slow, or it's fast and then it attracts a lot of hate. If for some reason you haven't drawn wraths, or you've already used them, as long as you don't have spare creatures to block, Moment's Peace can really help, specially since it has flashback!

Finally, there are some regrowth effects in the deck such as the namesake Regrowth or Seasons Past. There's also Gaea's Blessing to shuffle key pieces back which is great when Oath dumps a bunch of stuff into your graveyard. The creature Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre is another effect that can shuffle you graveyard into your library. In that same sense there's both Commit / Memory and Echo of Eons which shuffle the graveyard back.

And that's the deck breakdown! Pretty straight forward, but a super fun deck to play! I hope you like it, and for any sort of comment, critic, love for the list, hate for the list... whatever it is, feel free to comment down bellow! :D


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