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O-Kagachi - 5 Color Enchantments - EDH

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Hello all,

This is a deck that can let you stand as an intimidating force on the table even with only one creature out, O-Kagachi. Lots of enchantments in this deck punish creatures/opponents when entering combat and especially so if directed at you. I built this deck pretty much right when O-Kagachi was leaked and have been playtesting it in person for essentially the entire time since then at my LGS. It's a very political deck, it's not competitive by any means and is currently short on removal actually..

I'm testing a build that tries to focus specifically on provoking others to attack, and if they attack you then the retribution.....well let's say it's supposed to be harsh.

I want O-Kagachi to be the deliverer of retribution by making this a mostly creatureless deck. It's got plenty of enchantments to provoke people.

This deck is still under construction.


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