Klothys thicc! Gruul fires and cavalier of things. Dump, shock, Klothys, fire, purphuros, cavalier, cavalier, cavalier, hope for win?

This deck is meant to be an explosive turn 5. I tend to find cards I like and build around them, additionally I finally get to build around devotion in standard.

Turn 1: land

Turn 2: land and hold for Bonecrusher Giant or Lava Coil something, The Binding of the Titans to try and find a cavalier to pull back in a few turns and feed some lands to the graveyard for later. You can Wolfwillow Haven but I’m thinking of replacing this with thrill of possibilities

Turn 3: is the same as turn 2. Hold that Klothys, God of Destiny for the next turn to cast for free.

Turn 4: land Fires of Invention and then Klothys, God of Destiny

You should have what you want by now or at least soon enough.

Turn 5: land, Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded, Cavalier of Thorns. Use Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded to sneak in a cavalier of flames. Use the remaining mana to pump all of your guys up with cavalier of flames and swing for the fences.

You can probably get away with waiting a turn, but that’s lethal on board, and if you happen to miss a few damage the sac of cavalier of flames will proc the death trigger and you can shock them for the remainder depending on the amount of lands in your graveyard.


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