"Welcome to hell. Would you like a hand?"

This deck was made on a rough 50$ budget with the intent of convincing my playgroup to run graveyard hate. The key interactions are using shirei in combination with the 12 recursive discard creatures to remove my opponents hands. Shirei is pretty fragile, but removal can be few and far between when my opponents are working with no cards in hand. If you have one of the weaker variants of the effect, like Ashen-Skin Zubera and any sacrifice outlet, each turn cycle is a net -1 cards in opponent's hands. Each opponent naturally draws 1 card a turn cycle, for a total of 3 cards, and zubera can remove 4 cards a turn cycle. The more powerful discard effects can make opponents net cards -9. Winning then is a matter of surviving, and slowly draining opponents out of the game.


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