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No Escaping the Undercurrent

Commander / EDH UB (Dimir)



Araumi edh . Any ideas are welcomed. Trying to be budget friendly. Thanks!


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Version 2. Played in a tournament on 5/28 and won. Even though the deck did well I felt like I needed to switched up some stuff. Added a few more counters. Got my hands on a Massacre Wurm .

Round One opponents: Phelddagrif group hug/ Golos, Tireless Pilgrim eldrazi(not fully scary)/ Kess, Dissident Mage spellslinger(not combo). Thankfully the Golos player took the brunt of the heat for most the game. Was able to Araumi a Consuming Aberration coming in as a 25/25 horror. Then my next turn was able to Araumi in a Myr Battlesphere to clean up the mess.


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