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Nissa who shakes the wave

Oathbreaker Elves Mono-Green


Oathbreaker: Nissa, who shakes the world, signature spell: genesis wave. I do not have the cradle and play the deck without it and it really doesn't loose bearly anything just switch it for a forest and it works the same its more of a great opener and a pretty good hit off of wave

possible upgrades: Collected company, aluren ( usually playing is faster but testing is worth a try), cratorhoof behemoth( iffy can just be a dead card in opening hand), Batista+itlamoc+bow of nylea/ heart warden

  • balista dies to state-based actions, then itlamoc trigger goes on the stack/ draw with heart warden, hold priority and activate bow to put Batista in your deck, get balista with infinite manna and ping emm down.


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