Props to Uncanny_Ghoul for starting the discussion on the Maralen of the Mornsong + Mindlock Orb lock, check out his community deck around the idea, Breaking Maralen Together - Community Deck

This is my current pet deck/project. I honestly love playing and testing oddball decks and innovating classics. This is a classic UB delver tempo with the maralen lock to accelerate the game. The problem with delver is that if it doesn't get far enough ahead it looses in the late game, maralen seems like the perfect answer.

Any advice, thoughts, likes would be greatly appreciated!!!

I've done some limited testing with this list and it seems to have a decent power level for budget delver.

In the early game it plays like a classic dark delver, it has versatile answers and is great at pressuring our opponent. Once we cast Maralen of the Mornsong the game goes into overdrive. Normally we cast it on turn 5 so that we can protect it and then the game is usually over in 3 turns. Basically the goal is to pull counter/removal with maralen and to end the game with the life loss from maralen and one of our many threats.

We also have the lock with Mindlock Orb to keep our opponent from playing magic. We run Augur of Bolas and Tasigur, the Golden Fang so that we can refill our hand.

It's important to look at the value of Maralen in a vacume, in that all we have to do is cast it and if our life is 18 and our opponents is 20 then we win the game. Everything else in the deck is there to make the game resemble the vacume.

This odd mashup of strategies actually fits nicely and provides many interesting lines of play, as I play with it more I will put up a better description of the strategies.

Delver of Secrets  : The staple to the archetype, just a very efficient beater and sets up an imitate 7 turn clock.

Maralen of the Mornsong: provides a very interinsting angle and also establishes a 7 turn clock.

Augur of Bolas: If we establish the maralen lock we can use this to draw additional answers, after that it gives us chum

Tasigur, the Golden Fang: can also be used to fill our hand with the lock in place and is also an efficient beater.

Gurmag Angler: just a big dumb beater

Oona's Prowler: If we establish the lock this is better to tutor then delver to establish a quicker clock.

Deprive is not the most popular card BUT its not often that we need more than 4 mana and bouncing a tapped one on our opponents turn is worth the hard counter.

Mana Leak: just a great early play

Stubborn Denial: not as good as Spell Snare on turn 2, but late in the game it's great b/c we can easily trigger ferocious

Countersquall: not the best counter but the life loss is extremely relevant

Murderous Cut: the best catch all removal that we have access to

Inquisition of Kozilek and Duress are both solid hand disruption, We dont play thoughtsieze (b/c i cant afford it) and b/c we really don't want to be loosing life in this deck

Languish: misses all of our large beaters AND if for some reason we need to remove maralin this gives us a way out of the combo

Drown in Sorrow: misses maralen and still hits other threats

Opt: is definitely the best cantrip we have, the instant speed is so valuable

Serum Visions: is great but not as good at sorcery speed

Thought Scour: is great at instant speed and sets up an early Tasigur, the Golden Fang or Gurmag Angler


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