Reworked this deck a bit! It's definitely not a budget deck, but I tried to keep everything in here under $~5 per card. Maybeboard is for cards that arguably would make the deck better, but were either flat out too expensive or had slightly worse, much cheaper alternatives (e.g. Blasphemous Act).

This deck's main win-con is value, making use of Feldon of the Third Path's activated ability in conjunction with all sorts of enter/leave the battlefield triggers to do crazy things for only 3 mana a pop, repeatable every turn without even using a card.

Despite this, there are also a good amount of combos to utilize, most involving Feldon of the Third Path along with Thornbite Staff and one of many sacrifice outlets in order to rapid-fire activate Feldon's ability. One of my favorite aspects of this deck is that, while using a similar engine, there are multiple different infinite combos that can all result in victory. Some examples include:

Feldon of the Third Path + Thornbite Staff + Priest of Urabrask + Blasting Station for simply infinite damage.

Feldon of the Third Path + Thornbite Staff + Priest of Urabrask or any creature that makes a lot of tokens + Ashnod's Altar/Thermopod to gain infinite mana, then you can switch to Feldon of the Third Path + Zealous Conscripts for infinite 3/3s with haste.

Same as the above but with Aetherworks Marvel or Gonti's Aether Heart on the board to generate infinite energy, which you can then siphon onto Electrostatic Pummeler + Chandra's Ignition

I'm sure there are more in there somewhere, but my point is that if you have a little more wiggle room in your combo, your opponents have more targets to remove and are less likely to guess your gameplan. This along with the decent chunk of graveyard retrieval present in the deck hopefully makes it pretty sturdy.

Have fun! I'm always open to suggestions, so feel free to suggest other cards that would fit well in here.


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Damn, well that happened. Thanks, y'all!


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