This is a casual themed deck which uses Nicol Bolas and Zombify type cards to steal planeswalkers and creatures from my opponents as well as cheat them into play by tutoring them to my grave yard and digging them up. I also can cheat them into play with Bolas's Citadel. I want it to feel like a Nicol deck. I have things like Omniscience and Leyline of Aticipation in there to cast anything for free at instant speed. There's a lot of sub-optimal choices at the moment because my budget is limited, and some things are just in other decks being used at the same time. Right now the 3 opponents are Mono green elves, Daretti artifacts, and Rafiq exalted decks.


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I found Verity Circle as a poor man's Rhystic Study. After digging through all my prophecy commons, I somehow did not have one in there... It does up the curve a little, but I think the upside should be fine. I found myself discarding a lot of cards when I didn't have any good creatures to reanimate, so the discard was basically wasted. I need more plays to see if this was just a bad string or the norm. There aren't a lot of creatures as it is.


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