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This is my take on Nicol Bolas commander; any help is appreciated. Discard big stuff, reanimate them.. If it doesn't work, wipe the board and try again. This list packs lots of removal and stealy things to survive against the other battlecruisers out there.

Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   is a strong creature, with strong stats for his cost. He’s also a flyer that draws cards! Can help you be aggressive early, defensive later, and his planeswalker form is really, really scary. It forces people to discard stuff, which we can reanimate later, draw cards or kill creatures. If left untouched, his ultimate will kill somebody.

.Creatures :

  • Consecrated Sphinx Strong card draw engine. You can expect to draw at least 6 cards in a turn cycle, minimum, and that's if they don't have additional card draw. This card can help to discard some other creatures by discarding to hand size. It's effect is a MAY so you don't even have to if you don't want to discard.

  • Consuming Aberration This beast will fill your opponents’ graveyard, which is secretly our graveyard too, while becoming a massive beater.

  • Deadeye Navigator Blink outlet, can lead to infinite mana with Peregrine Drake , which then leads to infinite discard with Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  , infinite damage with Demanding Dragon , infinite exile-mill with Gonti, Lord of Luxury , reanimation of every creatures in our opponent's graveyards with Puppeteer Clique and Sepulchral Primordial , ramp with Solemn Simulacrum , the ability to cast every instants in your graveyard with Torrential Gearhulk , OR steal the board with Zealous Conscripts . So that's cool.

  • Demanding Dragon is a simple dragon, ok stats for his mana cost but his effect and it's combo with Deadeye Navigator and Peregrine Drake is why he's here. Like most of this deck's creatures, you can play them without thinking about the combo, you'll have ways to bring him back later.

  • Dragonlord Silumgar Another dragon, this one will steal your stuff while he's here. A good target to bring back from the dead when a big threat hits the board or when a planeswalker is about to ultimate.

  • Gonti, Lord of Luxury is a big stuff killer with deathtouch, and might steal a threat in your opponents’ decks. Hit the control player if you want counter or removal, the ramp if you need lands, 'tis a very versatile card.

  • Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur will make you draw, a lot. Making you and your opponent's discard will give you targets to bring back and will help a lot of cards in your deck. You can flash him out by surprise at the end of a turn if you have the mana, or reanimate him in the early turns to give you the win.

  • Liliana, Heretical Healer   is a small blocker in the beginning, giving you life back with lifesteal and her 2/3 stats, and she will give you a 2/2 chump blocker when flipping. She makes everybody discards cards and brings back creatures from your graveyard. You won't hit her ultimate often, but when you do, you win.

  • Nightscape Familiar is a small chump blocker, you can spend your mana to regenerate him and block during mid-late game, and use him as a creature-mana rock to accelerate early.

  • Peregrine Drake is sometime a kinda free 2/3 flying blocker, sometime a monstrous game winner combo enabler with Deadeye Navigator.

  • Puppeteer Clique gives you an annoying flying 3/2 that comes back, and can give you any creature in an opponent's graveyard for his etb effect or block TWICE. Reanimate him for crazy value.

  • Sepulchral Primordial 7 CMC, 5/4 intimidate + 3 creatures in your opponents graveyard of your choice. There's always something good, and you can just keep bringing him back.

  • Sheoldred, Whispering One One is the real mvp.. She does everything you want: fill your opponent's graveyard by making them sacrifice things, bring back stuff from your board…

  • Sire Of Insanity You discard your hand! You discard your hand! Everybody discards their hands! Making everyone enter topdeck mode shuts down most decks. Just make sure you are ahead before playing this guy, as you won't have many way to control the board after, and he usually attracts a lot of hate.

  • Solemn Simulacrum is just pure usefulnes. Ramp, chump blocker, card draw. Good card to sacrifice when Liliana, Heretical Healer   is present.

  • The Scarab God There's usually no need to introduce him. Left alone, he will win the game. If no one can exile him, you're going to have a good time. Can give you any creature from any graveyard, an army of 4/4s, scry, a noncombat damage win condition. All the while he’s an almost invincible 5/5 and a way to exile annoying stuff in your opponents’ graveyard if you have a fellow graveyard deck across the table.

  • Torrential Gearhulk can be a surprise blocker, messing with combat math by bringing back removal spells like Murder or Terminate , It can be a counterspell, draw spell Cyclonic Rift , Mystic Confluence , Rakdos Charm .. And so everytime you bring him back.

  • Zealous Conscripts will often try to sneak a quick victory attack on unsuspecting ennemies, and have a great potential with the Deadeye Navigator combo.



. Artifact


  • Murder , Terminate as easy and quick removal, Cyclonic Rift is helping to fill this post too but also help to mass clear the board.

  • Brainstorm small cantrip to help smooth our draws.

  • Fact or Fiction draw cards and discard others, win-win. Try to target players that don't know your deck as they will often try to throw your big creatures in the graveyard.

  • Counterspell as one of the few counters in this deck, as I don't like having a lot.. Mystic Confluence is also there as a more versatile card, to bounce & draw.

  • Izzet Charm allows us to draw, discard, counter or bolt a creature.

  • Steam Augury is very much like fact or fiction, but then your opponent will decide which card you will keep. Again, try to pick someone that doesn't know your deck if possible.

  • Rakdos Charm can destroy an artifact, kill other graveyard loving decks or one-shot token decks.

(Thank you DarkStarStorm for the proofreading)

I'm thinking of taking back Thought Vessel and Reliquary Tower , or keeping only one, they can be helpful when drawing our whole deck with Jin-gitaxias or Consecrated sphinx, but they can also shut down our discard which slows down our reanimation. Let me know what you think !


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