This deck revolves around Nicol Bolas and all the bad he can do. But it comes with a twist: it wins with a combo of planeswalkers. One is Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God, which is the actual wincon - players without planeswalkers and legendary creatures out will lose the game. So how do we reach that state? Boardwipes. And we use some that are on planeswalkers, because planeswalkers. In come Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. We have some backups in rather normal boardwipes, too.

Since this relies on ulting planeswalkers, we need ways to get there, too. The way of choice are proliferate and counter duplication. So we play Flux Channeler / Viral Drake, as well as blink effects based around Ghostly Flicker and Archaeomancer / Mnemonic Wall. These all overlap nicely with our infinit mana combos and provide ways to add loyalty counters, too. We also run The Chain Veil, because why not? It gives additional activations of planeswalkers and can go crazy with Tezzeret the Seeker.

Because we need to get giant permanents into play, we need a way to achieve that. So we go for infinit mana based on Isochron Scepter imprinting Dramatic Reversal and play Planar Bridge as our tutor of choice, because it nicely interacts with the reversal - it will also untap and tutor again and again. So yeah, we need to go and make infinit mana and infinit untaps, then bring the bridge into play somehow, then tutor up the two Bolas planeswalkers and the skate, then ultimate both planeswalkers. Easy, right?

I did tell you this is jank.

Bolas itself is not just for meme and theme, he actually has a relevant function in combination with our flicker effects and if you can flip him, he can get another bolas back from the graveyard. So he is recursion and combo, too. Repeated hand hate can be strong. An additional way to get infinit mana is Dockside Extortionist with our flicker effects, if enough enchantments and artifacts are out. So the flicker loops are threefold - they give us repeated hand hate, (possible) infinite mana and counter replication.

Additionally there is a neat move with Barrin, Master Wizard and Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   after infinit mana: casting Ravager, flipping it, activating draw 2 and sac'ing it to Barrin again to return to command zone and looping that way, drawing into my main wincon. Thanks Wedge for that one!

The same works with dockside flicker loops, if that is done with ghostly flicker, as after infinit mana you can play Nicol Bolas, flip, Draw, flicker him to be back on creature side, rinse, repeat. And funny enough, Tezzeret the Seeker can stand in for Dockside if you have two mana rocks out that produce more than 3 (one blue) mana, where Tezzeret actually can just grab one directly with his tutor -X. You flicker Tezzeret, untap two artifacts that net you 3U, use 2U again to flicker, rinse and repeat. Infinit colorless mana you can run into the planar bridge or use for the colorless part of ghostly flicker and then build up other colors, too.

The last line is one of the proliferate effects and IsoRev, as then you can play Bolas, flip him, proliferate to exactly 12, ultimate, rinse and repeat. A bit risky, as your opponents still get turns, but hey, you are Bolas, you are above such details.


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