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I've been meaning to log my commander decks on this site for a while so I'll start with one of my favorites, Nicol Bolas flavor country. The whole point of the deck is to dig for and cast any of the Nicol bolas walkers as fast as possible, making cuts in the deck where possible for flavor cards like Slave of Bolas and Tyrant's Scorn . one of my favorite combos being Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker + Obliterate or really any of the walkers.

if your looking for a more budget build with more flavor, here are some exchanges id recommend: ( Propaganda -> In Bolas's Clutches ) ( Baleful Strix -> Augur of Bolas ) ( God-Eternal Kefnet -> Notion Thief ) ( Thing in the Ice   -> Disciple of Bolas ) ( Demonic Tutor -> Mastermind's Acquisition ) ( Cyclonic Rift -> Evacuation ) ( Paradox Engine -> Gem of Becoming )

This, one or two others plus changing all the expensive lands for tap lands will lower the decks price-point quite a bit, however (unless your playgroup is cool with proxies) i would still suggest springing for the commander and walkers


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