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Grixis Nicky B control/taxes

Discard, Spectres, removal and counter-magic. Stax effects and creation of a toxic environment to sling spells, where everything has a cost attached to it. Not necessarily resource denial, but more, making everything's price that little bit more painful.

So I am used to playing more tribal based decks, so this is a big step into the unknown. Its a bit janky, and probably won't ever even win a game. Spectres are flying creatures so have a natural evasion, and as they also make people discard, thought I would use Tergrid, God of Fright   in there to make my opponents permanents, my permanents.

With Underworld Dreams and Megrim type effects, also thought a few wheel effects could be fun and super damaging potentially, so have got a some wheel type effects in there. It helps everyone, but hurts my opponents.

Its heavy on the enchantments. I want it to even be painful to just play a land.


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